How we help

We’ve worked with a few brands that have migrated without SEO support and each of them has seen a painful traffic decline which takes time to recover from.


Typically our migration plans involve:


Pre migration audit 


  • Focus on finding any SEO issues and ensuring they are cleaned up while migrating. This can be anything from title tag cleanup to parameter URL management.


  • Tailored recommendations for Shopify apps based on your needs, apps that we can set up and manage for you


  • This stage also includes data gathering to ensure priority rankings and pages are identified and prioritised.


URL mapping


Post-audit we then map your URLs to your new Shopify handles considering existing redirects to avoid redirect chains


Migration consulting


  • During the migration we support on any activity or change happening on site, again this can be anything from a re-design of key landing pages to managing product attributes within your platform


Post-migration audit


  • The final step is to do a post audit which will be the final review to clean up issues discovered in the pre-migration audit, identified any issues with the platform itself and ensuring everything is readable for Google.


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