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How to Get SEO Tickets Implemented – A Checklist

Dan from NovosDan in SEO

26th September, 2022

How to Get SEO Tickets Implemented - A Checklist

It’s not always easy to get SEO tickets implemented – we know this. But by running through this handy checklist, you might just give yourself the best chance to!

Checklist of Actions to Consider

Here’s a handy checklist of things to consider that help to give the right stakeholders the right information. You’ll rarely need to do absolutely all of these for each one, and it may depend on who you are talking to, for example, a developer may care more about how to implement a ticket, a CEO may care more about ROI, but you can decide which are needed.

  • Have you aligned your tickets to business goals?
  • Prioritise tickets
    • Group similar tickets into projects
    • Reduce the number of tickets to 3-4 per project
    • Tackle 1 project at a time
    • Score each ticket using the ICE framework (Impact, Confidence, Effort)

SEO tickets checklist

  • Provide an opportunity analysis based on the implementation of your tickets
  • Forecast expected results over the next 12 months based on implementation
  • Give the monetary Return On Investment from your tickets

SEO tickets checklist

  • Explain the positive impact on other channels from your tickets
  • Show the improved impact on the customer your tickets will have
  • Compare to competitors that have a similar setup
  • Present the data as what is being lost, rather than just an opportunity to gain
  • Bring examples of the ideal setup
    • Example of a site with the ideal setup on the same CMS
    • Show how to implement if possible (plugins/apps/HTML changes to make)
    • Give case studies
    • Show data from previous implementations of benefit

Questions to Ask Yourself

What are the goals of the business? How do your SEO tickets align with these?

Who are you presenting to & what are their main concerns?


In the following example, we tie technical tickets back to business goals & long-term vision for a website. We were presenting this to the CEO of the company – who did not have time to dig into the specifics of tech issues, but would be interested in understanding how they would lead to business goals & the overall vision of the company.

A pyramid showing how SEO issues lead to tech tickets, which lead to desired outcomes, goals of the business and the long term vision of the business


Overcoming blockers

What potential blockers might the client have to implementation?

How can these be overcome or helped by you?

Still struggling? Try out these resources: 

Dan from Novos
Article by Dan
Dan is the Delivery Director at NOVOS. A former neuroscientist, Dan entered the world of SEO by working with one of the top SEO agencies in the country and has architectured several award-winning SEO campaigns since then. Dan joined NOVOS as an SEO manager and his vast knowledge of tech SEO has helped NOVOS execute even the most complicated eCommerce SEO plans. He is phenomenal at solving client problems and knowing exactly the high standards we want to deliver which is why he is now our Delivery Director.

How to Get SEO Tickets Implemented - A Checklist

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