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Pooch & Mutt is a pet food and nutrition brand that focuses on providing natural meals, treats, and supplements to boost health and wellbeing for dogs and cats.


Their range of functional friendly food & supplements help to keep dogs and cats healthy and happy, no matter what their age or breed.


Pooch & Mutt came to NOVOS in January 2022 looking to establish themselves in the online space and grow their market share, particularly in the puppy and dry food categories.

The challenge.

  • Establish Pooch & Mutt as the wellness brand for dogs
  • Focus on boosting puppy, dry food, and supplements categories 
  • Built expertise of the site through targeted content strategy
  • Grow the authority of the site to compete with established pet brands
  • Establish a clear site hierarchy & structure following new site design with lots to tidy up

Our strategy.

  • Create data-led expert blog posts to support key transactional pages and areas of growth and build topical trust in core areas.
  • Transform structure of the blog to promote topic clusters and benefit existing & new articles
  • Establish a clear site hierarchy by overriding default Shopify breadcrumb setup, to link to core categories from PDPs
  • Build overall authority of the site through a targeted & data-led Digital PR strategy, from high authority & relevant links to support the expert nature of the site
  • Create new landing pages to target additional search intent, including a puppy hub page, hypo-allergenic & grain-free collection pages.
  • Ensure all pages are targeted to how people search, including less competitive secondary keywords
"NOVOS have done an incredible job at working hand in hand with the business to deliver amazing results. As well as providing expert insights across Technical SEO, Content and PR; they also adapted their strategy and workflows to fit in perfectly with our changing internal team resource and capabilities, which was pivotal in achieving our strong Organic Revenue growth. I would highly recommend NOVOS for any business no matter which stage they are at currently with SEO"

Jack Hayes, Biddable Manager @ Pooch & Mutt

The results

As a result of our SEO strategy & ongoing consultancy the site saw a 30% increase in organic traffic to transactional pages, resulting in an increase in revenue of 47% (not including subscriptions).


Core growth areas


  • 237% YoY increase to “puppy” related product & category pages, resulting in 233% increase in revenue from these key pages (not including subscriptions)
  • 1607% increase in organic sessions to “puppy” related blog posts – improving top of funnel acquisition


Dry food

  • 322% increase to “dry food”related product & category pages resulting in a 628% increase in revenue (not including subscriptions)



  • 129% increase in organic sessions to supplement transactional pages, results in an 195% increase in organic revenue.
  • Over 15 blog posts created to support the transactional pages and build top of funnel content.


Becoming the experts on dog wellness

Based on our technical & content strategy work, organic traffic being driven to the blog increase of 43% YoY.


We can see that Pooch & Mutt used to be significantly behind some key competitors in terms of organic visibility. Since we started working with Pooch & Mutt in January 2022, their visibility has seen sustained growth, gaining market share from competitors and catching up to market leaders.


Through our Digital PR strategy, targeting high authority & relevant publications we have seen the number of referring domains to the site increase by 64%, helping the site to rank more competitively for keywords of interest, in addition to more overall keywords.



The number of keywords ranking in the top 10 positions has over tripled since we started work with Pooch & Mutt, driving real business growth.


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