• Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

    Progressive Web Apps take advantage of the latest technologies to build a dynamic website. While it’s a better approach for UX, dynamic websites come with added complexities for SEO.


    A site completely built in javascript will always cause challenges for SEO, compared to a standard static website.

  • Shopify SEO specialists

    We’ve worked with a wide range of clients on Shopify and Shopify plus. 

    Our focus is always on non-brand new user acquisition for key category pages and we work closely with your Shopify development agency to achieve this.

  • Migration SEO specialists

    We’ve successfully migrated numerous eCommerce websites, from 100,000+ URLs to smaller brand-focused eCommerce brands.


    The most challenging migrations are cross-platform ones. With increased demand for popular eCommerce platforms, we’ve become Magento SEO migration specialists and Shopify SEO migration specialists.

  • Magento SEO specialists

    We’ve worked and scaled eCommerce brands on both Magento 1 and Magento 2. We love Magento and it still offers a huge opportunity for SEO growth when compared to similar platforms on the market.




    Our focus is always on non-brand new user acquisition for key category pages and we work closely with your Magento development agency to achieve this. 

  • Landing pages

    With your landing pages on site, this could be the first time someone ever experiences your brand. As a result, it’s important to make sure your content is helpful and answers what the user was searching for.


    Creating a good landing page is all about identifying the keyword opportunities, gaps in your competitor’s websites and creating strong, compelling pages that really provide a lot of value to a potential customer.

  • Resolving web traffic declines

    Have you seen a hit to your traffic or keyword rankings? Due to the nature of eCommerce websites, it’s very common to see a dip in performance due to site changes.


    Typically it’s a platform migration that causes big issues. We’ve inherited a handful of eCommerce websites that have migrated without an SEO plan and have seen thousands of £££, $$$ and yes, even €€€ wiped from their business within months.

  • Blog content creation

    Creating content for your blog is more than just getting words onto a page – it’s about telling a story that your target audience wants to hear more about.


    At NOVOS, we have a team of creative storytellers that are driven by performance and the latest trends. We create great content based on data and research from a number of tools that we use.

  • Content marketing

    With a clear data-driven content strategy, we can help you target the keywords that will make you the most money through landing page creation & blog content marketing.

  • eCommerce SEO

    We’re an SEO eCommerce agency specialising in Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce and headless CMS platforms



    From microscopes to sofas, we’ve worked with a wide range of eCommerce clients that each have their unique challenges that eventually boil down to one thing: growth.

  • Organic social media

    Social Media enables you to communicate directly with your target audience, and reach a wider audience without even intending to.


    We work with brands to build social media strategies that solve their brand and business problems, from providing unrivalled levels of customer service, to building brand awareness and shaping perceptions.