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Bloom & Wild are a direct to consumer tech company with a view to make sending and receiving flowers the joy that it should be. They are well known for their beautiful letterbox flowers that can be sent to anyone in under a minute on a smartphone. Over the last few years, Bloom & Wild have been investing in SEO, using some of the larger SEO agencies across London.

Headline projects included:

  • Expanding out content to target less-commercial terms
  • Working with the internal PR team to boost existing activity
  • Technical cleanups and improvements to site architecture

The challenge.

Bloom & Wild had used many link building tactics over the past 12 months which had a strong impact on rankings for big head terms, e.g. ‘Flowers’, being consistently in the top 5 results. Despite this, we felt the onsite SEO was diluting and limiting growth.


Our strategy.

Our strategy prioritized onsite technical improvements while looking to expand out non-commercial content. In addition, we support the inhouse PR team to boost campaign performance for SEO.

Our strategy can be mapped out as:

  • Clean up management of javascript & crawlability of the site for Google
  • Reduce the quantity of the pages in the index and therefore what Google was crawling
  • Build out new landing pages and blog content
  • Improve internal linking
  • Build out new landing pages and blog content
  • Communicate the idea of ‘thoughtfulness’ through press coverage in line with the brand’s messaging during COVID


“Beyond the performance uplifts, NOVOS has helped so much to translate technical SEO needs to the internal team to get the most out of our Angular set up as well as working closely with the internal PR team to grow our SEO"

Daisy Hunt, SEO Manager

The results

  • SEO traffic growth of over 100% YoY
  • Increased keywords ranking in top 3 by 42%
  • Reduced number of indexed pages by over 100%
  • Average nonbrand ranking improved by 42%
  • Increased non brand CTR by 300%
  • SEO revenue grew by £16 million YoY giving an ROI of over 19000%
  • The ‘thoughtfulness’ campaign that involved releasing a list of the UK’s most thoughtful areas not only garnered backlinks and attention from top media portals, it also got the local communities engaged. Get the digital PR strategy here.

(Note: number below are rounded and changed to protect the data and rights of the brand, growth uplifts and percentages are representative of this case study) Traffic data has been taken from external tools SEMrush and aHrefs and again do not represent the real traffic numbers.


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