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Patch sells plants online. They help customers discover the best plants for their space, deliver them to their door and help them look after them. Patch was one of our first clients and we helped them to grow and scale their SEO dramatically over 12-18 months. Large projects included:

  • Domain migration to
  • Launch in Paris
  • Essential SEO fixes to their headless CMS set up
  • Onsite content optimisation to target latin plant names & build out a research hub
  • Indexed filters dynamically for core product offering to target long tail keywords
  • Consultancy on brand refresh and improvements to Navigation, PLPs & PDPs

The challenge.

Patch already had a great customer base, highlighted through their large social media following and engagement. The challenge for us was to leverage this brand interest & attempt to compete with larger more established brands within the space.



Our strategy.

Our strategy initially focused onsite as Patch already had an internal PR team which was building up the brand presence and awareness through relevant publications.

Early on we identified some key fundamentals missing from their headless CMS set up, these included:

  • Management of the robots.txt file
  • Management of parameters and filters onsite
  • Readability of content for Google
  • Internal linking
  • Meta and h1 cleanup
  • Internal linking architecture

Once the essentials were covered we then focused on growth through onsite content and targeting optimisation through the following projects:

and so much more!

“Novos transformed our SEO traffic, working as an extension of the in-house team they were able to help accelerate our growth. Beyond the performance, the service they provide is second to none"

Jim Warren, Head of Marketing

The results

  • Non-brand new users acquired by SEO increased by 130% Year-on-Year.
  • 81% increase to last click SEO revenue
  • ROI of just under 4000%


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