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Maximising conversions with UGC in 2024 | In collaboration with Videowise

Laura Brady from NovosLaura Brady in SEO

23rd April, 2024

UGC Can Turn Customers into Brand Advocates

Did you know that 90% of customers trust recommendations from friends and family over branded content? That’s the power of user-generated content. By encouraging your audience to create content about your brand, you can quickly build authenticity and trust that resonates deeply with potential customers.


Benefits that Drive Engagement:

  • Authenticity that Converts: UGC is perceived as more genuine than traditional marketing. When real customers share their experiences, it creates a relatable portrayal of your products or services, building trust and driving conversions.
  • Community that Connects:  Encouraging UGC fosters a sense of belonging.  Running contests or offering submission incentives incentivizes participation and strengthens the bond between your brand and customers.
  • Diverse Voices, Wider Reach: UGC takes many forms, from photos and videos to written reviews. This variety allows you to showcase your products from different perspectives, cater to a broader audience, and address various needs.
  • Organic Expansion: When customers share UGC on social media, they become brand ambassadors, expanding your reach and exposing your brand to new audiences without breaking the bank.

Creating original content can be expensive, so leveraging UGC reduces the burden on your marketing budget while still producing compelling content that resonates with your audience.




Platforms like Videowise have Collect UGC features that help you gather and manage UGC effectively:

  • Simplified Submissions:  Create forms for easy customer submissions. Customize them with prompts and incentives to encourage participation and gather relevant content.
  • Centralized Management: Consolidate all UGC submissions in one place for efficient review, approval, and use for marketing purposes.
  • Seamless Integration: Showcase UGC videos gathered through Videowise directly on your website, in email campaigns, or on social media, enhancing your brand storytelling and engaging potential customers across various channels.

Asking your customers for UGC is essential for building trust and a vibrant community and creating compelling marketing content. With Videowise’s Collect UGC, businesses can streamline the process and maximize the impact of UGC on brand perception and customer engagement.

Implement a user-friendly submission process and watch your brand story come alive through the voices of your customers!


How to find and leverage UGC

Remember the viral #IceBucketChallenge? That’s the power of UGC in action. It transforms everyday customers into brand advocates, boosting your online presence and fostering genuine engagement.

By leveraging UGC, you can discover how customers use and love your products unexpectedly and can help you build a vibrant community around your brand, creating a sense of belonging and shared experiences.

But gone are the days of manually searching social media for brand mentions, wading through endless hashtags.

Features like Videowise’s Social UGC aggregate UGC videos and images from Instagram and TikTok in one centralized platform. 

This real-time monitoring ensures you stay updated on the latest brand UGC videos and images, allowing you to capitalize on trending topics and respond promptly. Imagine catching a wave of positive customer reviews about your new product launch, immediately engaging with those happy customers, and using those videos on your website. These types of actions help you build stronger relationships with your audience.

When it comes to UGC, securing usage rights can often be a time-consuming and cumbersome process. But Videowise Social UGC simplifies this by providing automated workflows and customizable messaging. 

You can easily request and grant permissions directly within the platform, ensuring legal compliance and ethical content usage. This eliminates the need for lengthy email exchanges or confusing contracts, allowing you to focus on what matters most – leveraging the power of UGC to amplify your brand story.

Instead of relying solely on polished marketing materials, showcase authentic customer experiences across your channels. Integrate UGC into your website, social media platforms (think user testimonials woven into your Instagram stories), email campaigns (featuring customer photos alongside product promotions), and even digital ads. 

User-generated content adds credibility and relatability to your brand messaging, driving engagement and fostering trust with potential customers. Studies show that consumers are more likely to trust recommendations from real people than traditional advertising, making UGC an invaluable asset.




Leveraging UGC isn’t just about streamlining workflows and saving time on content creation. It’s about building a deeper connection with your audience and creating brand loyalty. 

UGC establishes brand authenticity by showcasing real people using and enjoying your products. It strengthens community engagement by creating a space for customers to interact with each other and share their experiences. Ultimately, it drives trust by demonstrating your brand’s value proposition through the voices of your most passionate supporters. 

UGC helps you create meaningful connections with your customers that translate into positive business outcomes, such as increased brand awareness, customer acquisition, and sales growth.


How UGC Can Help You Uplift Your Conversions

User-generated content is a goldmine for website optimization. You establish trust and authenticity by showcasing real customer experiences, reviews, and testimonials, boosting conversions. But UGC isn’t just about adding a touch of realness; it’s a strategic tool that can significantly enhance your website’s performance.

The beauty of UGC lies in its versatility. From captivating video testimonials on your homepage to user-generated photo galleries accompanying product descriptions, every section of your website can benefit. Imagine a product page featuring professional photos and user-generated images showcasing the product in real-world settings. This adds context and allows potential customers to envision themselves using the product.

Videowise empowers you to integrate an unlimited number of UGC videos seamlessly. This visual content is particularly effective at grabbing attention and keeping visitors engaged.  

Imagine a potential customer browsing your website and encountering a short, engaging video where a person enthusiastically demonstrates the benefits of your product. This authenticity can spark interest and drive deeper engagement.

This engagement can translate into significant conversion rates. For example, True Classic had an average conversion rate of 13% of the video-engaged shoppers, an impressive 2.7 videos watched per visitor and an astounding 70% completion rate. Their average watch time per viewer is 1 minute and 21 seconds, indicating captivating content that holds viewers’ attention.




You can take UGC a step further by transforming existing content, like trending TikTok videos, into interactive and shoppable experiences on your website. Suddenly, shoppers are no longer just watching someone talk about your product; they’re connected with a real person and empowered to purchase directly from the video. This streamlines the buying journey and capitalizes on the positive emotions associated with user-generated content.

Not to mention that UGC serves as a powerful educational tool. Unboxing videos, user-generated tutorials, and product demonstrations created by your customers educate your audience and showcase the versatility and benefits of your offerings in a relatable way.  Imagine a website featuring a user-generated recipe video using your new kitchen appliance. This demonstrates the product’s functionality and inspires potential customers with creative recipe ideas.




The impact of UGC extends beyond your website.  Showcase customer testimonials in email campaigns, highlight user experiences on social media, or utilize QR codes directing users to UGC-rich landing pages. By incorporating UGC across all touchpoints of the customer journey, you humanize your brand and foster deeper connections with your audience.

With a user-friendly platform, you can easily discover, manage, and integrate UGC content across your website and marketing channels. Don’t let valuable UGC gather dust; transform it into a conversion-driving force with Videowise.


How do UGC and SEO work together?

A brand that immediately comes to mind, and arguably paved the way for UGC is GoPro.

If you think back to their original ads, whether it be on TV, YouTube or the early social media channels, all their content was from the point of view of the user.

It was kind of idealistic marketing. You wanted to become the people in the video.


UGC is authentic marketing at its best, and leans itself very nicely into Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines:

  • It shows that the brand is trustworthy via social proof, and that there are real people behind the 5 star reviews.
  • It’s an excellent link building opportunity (we have placed over 400 pieces of coverage using UGC content).
  • Provides fresh content to search engines that isn’t written by AI and can’t be found elsewhere .
  • It leans into the new “experience” aspect of E-E-A-T, as users are directly talking to the camera about their experience using the product.

Using UGC for product name research

  • UGC is a great resource for keyword research! At NOVOS we like to see what our clients’ customers are calling their products, and note down the different colloquialisms that come up in their posts.
  • Sometimes these terms have a higher or more relevant search volume than what the brand is calling it internally and make recommendations to update our clients H1s accordingly.

UGC for additional E-E-A-T content

  • You can find a lot of content opportunities within the videos uploaded by users e.g. questions like ‘I wonder how long this lasts’ or ‘it would be great if they did X instead of Y’ and address these on the website.
  • This will engage more of your customers post conversion, add long-tail keywords and show the expertise you have in this field.




P.S! We have just collaborated with Videowise on their latest eBook on UGC in 2024-

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Laura Brady from Novos
Article by Laura Brady
Laura is Head of Client Services here NOVOS and is phenomenal with clients! She has led eCom SEO strategies and consults on best practices for boosting organic growth and revenue. Laura previously worked at one of the top SEO agencies in the country (alongside our head of SEO, Dan) and was shortlisted for Young Search Professional of the Year at the UK search awards. She is also a member of the Women in Tech SEO community and has been featured as a guest speaker on the WTS podcast.

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