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How it works.

Social Media Optimisation

Take your organic social media activities to the next level with a targeted, strategic and planned approach. Social Media also provides instant feedback, so it’s important to understand how your brand is being perceived and engaged with currently. This then enables you to work towards achieving more engagement, larger audiences and a better reputation.

Community management

Social Media enables you to speak directly to your audience at any time without the need for a customer services desk. Responding to customer queries, dealing with customer complaints and helping others in need is the perfect way to build your brand reputation online for the world to see.

Our Organic Social Media support is focused on growing your in-house team and supporting them with the strategic element. Working with us on social media looks like the following:

Month 1: Strategy

Organic Social Media strategy & plan

  • Identify opportunities to improve the social media channels. This strategy & plan covers the following:
      1. Audit of existing channels with SWOT analysis
      1. Audit of 3 key competitors social media channels with in-depth analysis of strengths, weaknesses and best performing content


  1. A clear plan of the best course of action moving forward regarding content types to share, plan for each channel, frequency, opportunities and more.



  1. Presentation PDF deck and F2F meeting/phone meeting


  1. A schedule spreadsheet that can be shared with anyone and updated between 1-3 weeks in advance


Ongoing support

Supporting the in-house team with implementation

  • Working with your in-house marketing team to put our plan into action and adhere to the recommendations/strategy, answering questions on Slack any time of any day too
  • We can also manage your social channels for you if you are limited in-house. We will create a shared schedule calendar for transparency

SEO benefits:

  • We also consult on how to promote SEO content we or you create through social media – again with a key focus on growing your SEO traffic and brand awareness through organic social media. Beyond TV, social media is the best channel for brand and content discovery for users & Google.

What about paid social strategies? Well, we also offer this. Visit our paid social strategy page to learn more.

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