How we help


We’ve worked with a larger eCommerce brand that had powerful SEO rankings, but when they re-designed one of their core landing pages, they saw £50,000+ wiped from the business overnight.


Through our founders expertise and hard work, we were able to regain this £50,000 and an additional £2 million to the business across all markets.


Are there more problems?


We haven’t even mentioned penalties yet. Even though it’s becoming a less frequent issue – some sites still engage in low quality link building and boilerplate content creation on mass.


If any of this sounds familiar or you’re concerned about a gradual decline – get in touch with us at THIS IS NOVOS below and we can help with a free initial review of your data.


If you just want peace of mind, part of our typical SEO eCommerce offering is monthly monitoring that will give you the peace of mind that you will not be affected by these horror situations.


We offer the most basic packages for under £1000 per month (depending on site size) that can help avoid a loss of tens of thousands.

We're ecommerce specialist for a reason, get in touch with us today and find out why.