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Swyft’s SEO Content Strategy Increases Revenue by 239%







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Swyft is the next generation of furniture made to meet the needs of today’s consumers who demand speed of delivery and need a furniture solution that can be delivered into difficult spaces without compromising. Delivered in a series of boxes, easy enough for one person to carry and build. No tools required. Ever.



The challenge.

Our greatest challenge initially was internal content production for 25 articles. However we used this opportunity to improve our content production efficiency, and the result of streamlining can be seen below with the fantastic results achieved by the team.

Our strategy.

Our strategy was to increase the expertise around sofas shown on the site and align with questions potential customers were asking. Our aim was to reach new customers that had not yet considered Swyft, as well as boosting the overall topical expertise around sofas which would serve to increase the visibility of existing collections on the site.

To do this, we created an average of 15 relevant inspirational articles and educational buying guides per month for Swyft’s blog. These articles targeted research, awareness, and post-conversion stages of the marketing funnel. They also supported our SEO strategy around the creation of new and optimisation of the existing categories and subcategories with the highest SEO opportunity.

We created our SEO content strategy based on:

  • Swyft’s product range.
  • SEO opportunity (total monthly search volume in the UK of keywords around the product range, and organic competition).
  • Relevance to the customer journey.

We, therefore, focused our efforts on the following keyword clusters to decide the most valuable topics for those product categories and subcategories:

  • Sofas topic areas: colours, materials, styles, shapes and number of seats.
  • Living room decor advice and inspiration.
  • Small space living tips and inspiration.
  • Decor styles: contemporary, minimalism, Scandi, Mid-Century modern, etc.
  • Home decor advice and inspiration for renters and 1st-time buyers.
“12 months in, we’re delighted with the work Novos have done, they got us through a major site migration without a hitch, and their Content and Digital PR teams have been fantastic to work with”

Geoff Bull, Chief Marketing Officer @ Swyft

The results

We have been successful in achieving these spectacular results within only 9 months!

Increase in SEO New Users:1,632%

Increase in Transactions: 542%

SEO Revenue: 239%

Graph shows the increase in clicks and impressions to Swyft website

[Data taken from Google Search Console and shows the growth of clicks and impressions to blog pages since we started working with Swyft – last 6 months vs prior 6 months]

Google Analytics data from the last 9 months vs the 5 months since strategy commenced YoY showing huge growth

[SEO Traffic data from Google Analytics – it shows a huge growth from the last 9 months vs the 5 months since strategy commenced]

growth in visibility to blog pages on swyft site

[Sixtrix graph shows visibility growth to blog only URLs after we began working on the account from March]




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