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Our 5 top tips for Digital PR work in the DACH market

Sarina Kastendiek from NovosSarina Kastendiek in Digital PR

11th April, 2022

We have already covered what the DACH market is and what makes it different from the U.K. when it comes to Digital PR.

To help you navigate these markets, we have put together our top tips, recommendations, and things you should not forget for your Digital PR Strategy and work.


1. Be early, and be patient

Lead times are much longer in this market, and online content is often a reflection or more closely aligned with print. If you are pitching for a specific date or event (e.g. Christmas, Mother’s Day), be prepared to send your pitch many weeks in advance. Otherwise, it might be already too late.

And don’t be surprised if it takes a few weeks until you hear back regarding a pitch, or if it takes some time until an article goes live after a journalist agrees to use your content.


2. Be prepared to actually talk to journalists

Networking with journalists is a common practice in traditional PR, but it is not very common in the Digital PR industry in the U.K. This is not the case in Germany, so be prepared to talk to journalists on the phone to answer any questions they may have about your pitch.


3. Celebrate your successes and share your struggles

Digital PR work in the DACH market brings more and different challenges than in the U.K.

Make sure you celebrate your successes, as small as they might seem to you. Don’t compare yourself and your work with results achieved in different markets, like the U.K. Make sure that you share the market-specific challenges and problems with your team and clients. It will help them to understand and value your work.


4. Set appropriate goals

With every new client, project or market, you are faced with the challenge of setting new goals and KPIs. International markets are harder to navigate, and your KPIs need to reflect this. Manage expectations by setting lower targets and do not expect to achieve the same results as in the U.K. market.


5. Remember to use the right currencies (and links)

Our last tip seems like it would be obvious, but if we are honest, it can be easy to forget to add the correct links, prices and correct currency to your pitch. Prices for the same product can differ between Austria and Germany, and in Switzerland, you need to use CHF as the currency.

If you want to know more about DPR in the DACH market, head to our article Digital PR in Germany and the DACH market.

Sarina Kastendiek from Novos
Article by Sarina Kastendiek

Our 5 top tips for Digital PR work in the DACH market

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