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Thread is an online service that combines expert stylists with AI to recommend clothes in the user’s style, size, and budget. Thread boasts one of the largest product inventories in the UK, which naturally creates a huge challenge for SEO. Headline projects include:

  • Overall SEO strategy
  • Creation of a content hub to target a massive gap in keyword rankings
  • Optimisation of existing Tips hub to maximise existing potential 

The challenge.

Thread was already producing great Tips content that fit with their brand, and were sitting on a large number of images that were tagged up with incredible detail. However, they didn’t know how to fully maximise the potential of their content assets.

Our strategy.

We broke up our strategy into 2 parts:

1) The existing Tips content was performing well, but there was plenty of room to improve from an SEO perspective. There was also a lot of overlap between content and a lack of defined targeting. So, we did the following:

  • Rolled out SEO training with the internal team
  • Improved internal linking across articles
  • Segmented the website to show how Tips content should revolve around more factual “how-tos” and “what is” content, and avoid targeting more inspirational terms

2) We identified a huge gap in Thread’s keyword pool for inspirational keywords. We created a dynamic content hub similar to a standard eCommerce website, but instead of showing products the listing feed was replaced with outfit imagery as shown here: – this hub was also perfectly on brand for Thread who continue to use it throughout all marketing channels and promote it prominently in their mega navigation.

I'm very happy with being a client for several reasons: Very responsive and quick to provide ad hoc advice, proactive in sharing market and channel trends, and amazing technical expertise and understanding. It feels like a very collaborative relationship and we enjoy working with NOVOS

Nina Ricafort, Marketing Manager

The results

  • 10x increase in traffic from content, top-of-funnel pages.
  • Achieved rankings for top generic terms like ‘men’s outfits’ & ‘outfits’, competing with Pinterest.
  • 30% increase in Tips articles and over 1700% increase in conversions and revenue from CRO blog recommendations.

 the increase in traffic from content top of funnel pages for Thread

(The image above shows the increase in traffic from content, top of funnel pages for Thread)

with the right SEO content strategy Thread achieved top ranking in SERP featuring alongside Pinterest

(This image shows how with our search-first content strategy, Thread achieved top ranking in SERP featuring alongside results from Pinterest)

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