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About Swyft

Swyft is the next generation of furniture made to meet the needs of today’s consumer who demand speed of delivery and need a furniture solution which can be delivered into difficult spaces without compromising. Delivered in a series of boxes, easy enough for one person to carry and build. No tools required. Swyft experienced huge, fast growth in 2020 throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

The challenge.

Swyft approached us looking for a partner that matched their desire for fast-growth, & with the aim of a solid SEO strategy that will contribute to long term sustainable SEO growth. We were also tasked with high Digital PR link targets as a result of this – and with COVID changing the way press give out links, we adapted from just solely big one-off campaigns to a mixed, always-on approach to getting relevant, authoritative links to contribute to the long term SEO success of Swyft.

Our strategy.

  • Establish Swyft as an expert in their field, and utilise their in-house talent (founders, execs) to get interviews about the fast-growing brand
  • Focus on inspiration – people love home ideas, so we made Swyft the forefront of providing those ideas
  • Get featured in roundups for Black Friday & more in the busiest online sales year ever around the world


"NOVOS truly understood our objectives and did a phenomenal job with the PR campaigns. We would recommend them to others without a doubt"

Geoff Bull, , CMO @ Swyft

The results

  • Our Digital PR link target: 40 high quality links over a 2 month period
  • Achieved: 53 do-follow relevant, high-quality links, and a new target of 100 links over the next quarter
  • Featured in publications such as Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan & more

Top Coverage from

Featured in Cosmo

featured in Vanity Fair

featured in good homes



featured in Cosmopolitan

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