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How to edit SEO title tags on BigCommerce

Antonio Wedral from NovosAntonio Wedral in BigCommerce, Content, SEO

21st February, 2020

Why would you edit your title tags on BigCommerce?

Title tags are not directly a ranking factor anymore in 2020 according to Google, however, they can impact click-through rate (CTR), which inevitably impacts your organic rankings.


As a result, improving keyword targeting within your title tags, and making them more enticing to click on, means you’ll need to know how to edit your title tags.


On BigCommerce, you can edit your stores’ title tags on content (web pages), category, product and blog pages.

How to write a title tag

Every page should have a unique title tag, and ideally, be as descriptive & “clickable” as possible. A template we typically recommend includes:


[Name of page] | [Secondary meaning if room] | [Brand name]


For example, for Nike, a title tag might be:


Men’s Nike Sneakers | Running Shoes | Nike


There isn’t particularly a word limit, nor as commonly referred to, a “character limit”. There is, however, a pixel width limit, which is typically between 500 and 600 pixels. This, therefore, equates to approximately the 60 characters you’ll quite often hear, which should be the limit for all title tags.

How to edit Product page title tags on BigCommerce

To edit your product page title tags go to:


Edit Any Product Or Add A Product > Other Details > Search Engine Optimization 


Here, you can then amend the title tag in the corresponding field, and make sure to click save afterwards!


How to edit Category page title tags on BigCommerce

To edit your category page title tags go to:


Products > Product Categories > Edit > Search Engine Optimization

How to edit Blog post title tags on Bigcommerce


To edit your blog post title tags go to:


Storefront > Blog > Edit > SEO


How to edit all other content (Web Pages) title tags on BigCommerce

How to edit all other content (Web Pages) title tags on BigCommerce


Finally, to edit all of the other web content pages on your eCommerce store, go to:


Storefront > Web Pages > Edit > Advanced Options



To read more on BigCommerce SEO, read our guide on how to change URLs on BigCommerce here.


Alternatively, read more about our eCommerce SEO services here, or reach out to us below and let’s work together to grow your eCommerce SEO non-brand traffic & revenue sustainably here!

Antonio Wedral from Novos
Article by Antonio Wedral
Antonio is the co-founder and COO of NOVOS. Before setting up NOVOS, Antonio led the digital growth at luxury men’s publication Gentleman’s Journal where he brought value from declining print sales to huge online subscription revenue growth. Antonio’s also worked agency-side on multiple award-winning campaigns.

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