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Salesforce Commerce Cloud SEO specialists

Salesforce Commerce Cloud gets over half a billion monthly shopper visits from across the globe!

The endless scalability and adaptability to suit business of any size or scope make Salesforce Commerce Cloud as one of the top platforms for growing eCommerce brands. But only a strong specialised eCommerce SEO strategy can ensure growth in organic revenue and that’s what we do!

How it works.

With a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of the SalesForce platform, our team is able to efficiently and effectively navigate our way around even the most complex of headless setups. 

We can help you to: 

  • Migrate from a large e-commerce platform to SalesForce by mapping old URLs to new, and assisting with the overall setup and configuration of the SalesForce CMS. 
  • Start your new e-commerce store in SalesForce, providing best practice guidance & seamless communication between developers, client & SEOs. 
  • Continuation of support through regular implementation via SalesForce CMS, reducing workload & valuable internal resources & contributing to growth of SEO channel. 
  • Define a close working relationship between all stakeholders working via the SalesForce platform.



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