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How to open multiple Screaming Frog windows on Mac

Dan from NovosDan in SEO

29th September, 2020

Getting started

Screaming Frog is awesome – no doubt about it. But it can be frustrating on Macs to not be able to open multiple instances of it by default.

But fear not, here at NOVOS we have some simple instructions to make your Screaming Frog dreams a reality!

How to open multiple instances of Screaming Frog on a Mac

  • Open the Terminal via your applications
  • Type open -n /Applications/Screaming\ Frog\ SEO\ 
  • Press enter
  • Enjoy

This is actually very easy to do, so easy that I had to create a 4th step just to make it seem like there was more to do. The only problem I found with this was that I would always forget what to type in the Terminal, leading to more frustration.

That’s when I did some research into how to create a keyboard shortcut to do the same job!

How to create a keyboard shortcut to open multiple Screaming Frogs on Mac

  • Open Automator in your applications

Open Automator

  • Choose “Quick Action”

Automator Quick Action

  • Choose “Run Shell Script” and add “open -n /Applications/Screaming\ Frog\ SEO\” as shown below. Save the Automation.

Run Screaming Frog Shell Script


  • Next up is to add your keyboard shortcut to make it easy to open whenever you need it! To do this open System Preferences>Keyboard>Shortcuts>Services – find your recently saved Automation, select and add shortcut. (NB – click “Add Shortcut”, perform your desired keyboard shortcut, then click “Add Shortcut” again.)

Add keyboard shortcut

5. Enjoy!


The only problem you'll have now is trying to limit how many Screaming Frogs you have open

What next?

Now you’ve set up your shortcut, you can use it to open as many Screaming Frog windows as you want. I have found that this only doesn’t work if you already have Screaming Frog open as your main application, otherwise it works a dream.

The only problem you’ll have now is trying to limit how many Screaming Frogs you have open…!

Multiple Screaming Frog open

Dan from Novos
Article by Dan
Dan is the Delivery Director at NOVOS. A former neuroscientist, Dan entered the world of SEO by working with one of the top SEO agencies in the country and has architectured several award-winning SEO campaigns since then. Dan joined NOVOS as an SEO manager and his vast knowledge of tech SEO has helped NOVOS execute even the most complicated eCommerce SEO plans. He is phenomenal at solving client problems and knowing exactly the high standards we want to deliver which is why he is now our Delivery Director.

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