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Global eCommerce Slack Community Launched Exclusively For eCommerce Managers and Founders

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8th October, 2020

Global eCommerce Slack Community Launched Exclusively For eCommerce Managers & Founders

With Facebook groups becoming far too many and too distractive, Slack has provided a respite for those looking to create professional communities. The latest to join the growing list of Slack communities is a unique group meant for discussing all things related to eCommerce.

The newly launched Slack community called eCommerce Chat has over 100 eCommerce industry experts as its members – mainly comprising eCommerce managers of retail brands. The members regularly participate in discussions on issues affecting the eCommerce landscape worldwide. The community is aimed at providing a platform to eCom industry professionals for networking and knowledge-sharing.

The focus on eCommerce makes sense given the current times where the sector is seeing

unprecedented growth around the world. The pandemic is expected to have a boosting effect on the U.K.’s e-commerce market by adding £5.3 billion in sales in 2020, bringing the total market volume to £78.9 billion. The original 2020 forecast was for only £73.6 billion in sales volume. In the US, consumers spent $211.5 billion during the second quarter of 2020 on e-commerce, up 31.8% quarter over quarter.

The group with representation from eCommerce and retail brands such as Patch Plants, Antler, and Vita Coco among others is founded by two popular eCommerce agencies in the UK – NOVOS and Vervaunt. “We are excited about the future of our eCommerce slack group as the list of members grows by the day with brands from Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, the US and Canada joining in. We look forward to hosting exclusive virtual events to nurture the community and enable knowledge sharing”, say, Samuel Hurley, co-founder of NOVOS

The community is free to join for eCommerce industry professionals but follows a strict vetting process and is invite-only. If you’re involved with an eCommerce brand, you can apply for membership by emailing the Marketing Manager, Charlotte Parker, at [email protected]

admin from Novos
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