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Magento 1 Migration Specialists

With Magento 1 support no longer being provided from the end of June 2020, many eCommerce websites will need to migrate to either Magento 2 or another platform like Shopify. This is where we come in!


Throughout June we’re offering a special rate for a pre-migration plan and migration support to get your website back up and running without risking your SEO performance or a drop in traffic.

How we can help


When it comes to migrating your eCommerce website from Magento 1 to another platform, our services will include:

Pre-migration work

  • URL mapping
  • Researching which CMS is best suited for your site
  • What pages are the most important ones to focus on
  • What pages can be cut
  • Resolving common issues we’ve seen with Magento 1 migrations

Migration support

  • Reviewing the new site as it migrates and goes live
  • Running crawls
  • Checking everything is indexed
  • Checking key URLs are all redirecting


For more help and support post-migration we’ll be happy to discuss a separate eCommerce strategy plan including growth projects to accelerate your SEO performance over the next 6 months.


Before working with us many of our clients didn’t realise they needed SEO support for a Magento 1 migration and now can’t believe the value it’s brought to their business.


For a free consultation submit the form below and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss your needs, options and next steps.

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