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Blog content creation

Creating content for your blog is more than just getting words onto a page – it’s about telling a story that your target audience wants to hear more about.


At NOVOS, we have a team of creative storytellers that are driven by performance and the latest trends. We create great content based on data and research from a number of tools that we use.

Why we create content


We are focused on performance and driven by results. The primary reasons for creating onsite content is to drive traffic and engagement to your site/brand, and ultimately more conversions and/or email captures. We don’t look to fill space with words – we look to fill customers gaps with words.


A strong, well-written, data-driven piece of content will increase your keyword rankings, attract a higher click-through-rate and as a result more conversions – your blog content will likely be a first entry point for your sales funnel, and you wouldn’t create a really bad TV advert if you had the chance, would you?


The importance of strategic blog content


With the digital landscape ever-changing, with things like the mobile-first index, rich snippets and the rise of voice search, it’s more important than ever that your onsite content is well optimised with a clear strategic approach.


Our content covers all of the above areas and our years of experience will not only save you money and time in the long term, but make you more money as well.


What’s included?



  • Research and time to ideate only the best articles for your industry
  • Blog post creation (anything between 100 and 1500 words)
  • E-book creation
  • White paper creation



Our experience of working with magazines enabled us to understand the importance of regular content for eCommerce brands to drive traffic to product pages and categories. Get in touch with us below and don’t miss out on traffic to your competitors.

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