Technical SEO Results in 123% Revenue Growth for UK Radiators


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UK Radiators are a leading supplier of radiators for homes all over the UK. Whether you’re looking for a new radiator or to upgrade your existing heating setup, they have got you covered! Not only are their products great, but also their friendly team are on hand to offer you support and recommendations, and easy delivery and return policies, make your experience as smooth as possible.



The challenge.

Our greatest challenge was that the previous SEO work had recommended that UK Radiators canonical filter pages (with good search volume potential) back to parent pages. The inevitable result of this is those pages (which hold value) would not rank, which is a missed opportunity.

Our strategy.

We identified that in order to maximise UK Radiators relevance for these search queries, we would need to open up the pages to ranking — this would result in their ability to rank and improve visibility (due to increased rankability of terms).

We immediately corrected the canonicalisation issue to allow for the independent rankability of filter pages with good search volume. A combination of opening up these pages to rankings as well as on-page optimisations meant that we were able to greater align with search intent, focus on each page’s relevance & effectively increase sessions to a once blocked area of the site. 

To effectively open up new pages with intent, we had to ensure other technical considerations were taken into account so that search engines could find the new pages and the canonicalised filters were not taking up the valuable crawl budget.

"Everything has met and exceeded their expectations across the board."

Daniel Nezhad, Sales Director, UK Radiators

The results

The numbers speak for themselves!

Sessions: 57% increase April > July

Users: 44% increase April > July

Transactions: 64% increase April > July

Revenue: 123% increase April > July

Data shows how the technical SEO has resulted in increase in sessions and clicks


Data shows how the technical SEO has resulted in increase in sessions and clicks for UK Radiators


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