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Founded in Italy in 2016 and launched in the UK in 2019, NIO Cocktails brings expertly crafted, award-winning, ready-to-drink cocktails to your home. Using the same quality ingredients and the same premium brands, you can expect bar quality cocktails delivered straight through your letterbox. Perfect for parties and get-togethers, no specialist equipment, ingredients or knowledge is needed, a NIO cocktail ‘Needs Ice Only’. 

Since we began working with NIO in 2020, we’ve provided Technical SEO, SEO strategy, Digital PR and SEO Content Services. As a people-first agency, we’ve worked very closely with NIO to improve their UK site rankings, while differentiating them from smaller competitors entering the market. 

We’ve created various types of content for NIO, such as SEO blog posts, PR articles, landing pages and category snippets for new products, to help boost their visibility, build authority and trust and, ultimately, result in transactions.

The challenge.

As part of our SEO content strategy, we wanted to boost NIO’s visibility and build authority by producing blog posts, PR articles, landing pages, and product category snippets. Working in tandem with technical SEO, our high-quality content has played a huge part in helping NIO’s webpages rank better in Google.

However, unlike technical SEO, where a few small changes can make a short-term impact, content requires a long-term strategy to see truly remarkable results. Because of this, NIO struggled to understand the true value of content and what it could do for their brand. As a relatively new company, they were wanting instant results. 

While we had already achieved a featured snippet spot for NIO and generated good results with content, we decided to jump right in and prove its real value for boosting their brand and attaining their goals by creating even more high-impact content.

Our strategy.

During the pandemic, our main focus was on ‘cocktails at home’ – a relatively new concept that gained more interest during lockdowns. As social distancing eased, we refreshed our strategy to focus on cocktails for events and seasonal holidays, as well as recipes and guides while maintaining a strong home focus.

To do this, we conducted thorough keyword research and planned out the next 3 months’ worth of content, which included the festive season. To ensure our new content plan would see results quickly, we began writing and uploading festive content such as 14 Corporate Christmas Gifts for Employees and How to Host a Christmas Dinner Party from early November. By the time December rolled around, and people started searching for these terms a lot more, they had enough time to start ranking for NIO to see a strong impact.

In addition to the above, we optimised a Christmas Gift Guide that we’d published the previous year, to hit new keywords and update the wording, reducing mentions of the pandemic to make it more relevant to the end of 2021, and added even more gift ideas and internal links.

The results

We saw some fantastic results with The Christmas Guide generating 640 organic sessions and £270 in revenue in November alone, compared to just 9 organic sessions from the same month the previous year.

Overall, in November, the blog had 19 transactions, which generated a total of £860 in revenue – an increase of 205.94% from the previous year.

We also saw the most growth in November from the blog articles, with an increase of 1,074.11% of new users and an increase of 133.33% of transactions.

For a client who was initially unsure of how content could provide real value for them, we couldn’t have asked for better results. We’re very excited to continue helping them grow as a company and see how our content strategy can take them even further in the future.

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